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This 2021 book is the work of a mom-on-a-mission. According to her bio, Molly Forbes is a writer, presenter, campaigner, and mum of two daughters. The tag line is a neat summary of the book: “How to help children and teens love the skin they are in”. She is on a mission to raise body happy kids.

Through the ten chapters of the book, Molly covers body image, diet culture, fat acceptance, social media and clothing. The book is dotted with a range of exercises for various ages. It is a very practical and immediately implementable book.

If you’re a parent and your parents made you feel about you’re your body, this book is a great introduction to raising body happy kids. You will understand why you feel the way you do about your body, and you’ll learn how to avoid handing down the same issues to your children.

Molly’s book is a very practical and hands on read that gives parents a very gentle introduction to body positivity and intuitive eating. The book is an easy read but well referenced so that parents can read more into the topics mentioned. In my experience, body inclusivity and intuitive eating can feel like political and scary topics when first introduced to people. I feel like Molly handles these topics in a very accessible way. I’m guessing this book will be handed onto grandparents if there is strife around how grandchildren are being spoken to or treated. The recommendations are based in research and also outline work being done around the globe to raise children who are comfortable in their bodies.

Target audience:
This is a book for parents. Ideally parents of young children so that messages are positive and helpful from the beginning. I think parents of tweens or teenagers who are battling with body changes will also find the book helpful.

I give it 4.5 stars. I really enjoy it. The nutrition nerd in me would have wanted more substance to some of the chapters but I think the book is a great introduction for parents.

Molly has a wonderful Instagram presence: @MollyJForbes. She posts authentic and inspiring moments in parenthood.

Reviewed by Nathalie Mat



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