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Ady Meschke and Katie Crenshaw

Ady Meschke and Katie Crenshaw Authors of the Body Can Books

Katie Crenshaw

Katie is a passionate mom of three living in Atlanta. She’s been blogging and writing for over a decade as an outlet for authentic storytelling and has spent the last four years building a community of women through vulnerable conversation. Her emotional work on body image and redefining beauty has gone viral globally by way of Good Morning America, CNN, Inside Edition, and more. In 2019 she launched a podcast, “If I’m Being Honest, with Katie Crenshaw” as a way to elevate the voiceless and normalize the human experience by breaking down walls and teaching others that the most important thing in life is to be unapologetically YOU. She is also a mental health advocate and the 2020 Spokesperson for The Blue Dot Project.

To learn more about Katie and follow her story, you can find her on Instagram @katiemcrenshaw or on her website


Ady Meschke

Ady is an Atlanta-based entrepreneur and boy mom living out her dreams as a world-renowned travel blogger of 8 years. The founder of Verbal Gold Blog and Social Gold, she clouts a body positivity message and aims to let women everywhere know that “all ages and sizes should love themselves and feel worthy to live their best life.” She is also the owner of a body-inclusive activewear company that has been featured in Shape and The Today Show, aiming to help all women learn to love the shape of their bodies. More than anything she wants to inspire all women, young or not, to dream their biggest dreams possible and keep trying no matter what—because those dreams, with enough hard work, can absolutely come true.

To learn more about Ady, follow her on Instagram @adymeschke or visit her website at

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