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This book is written from the unique perspective of twins who spent their early lives looking at the other twin wondering if that’s what they look like in their swimming costume/dress/outfit. This perspective led to both of them completing PhD’s in female body image and media literacy.

The first half of the book is easy reading that I found accessible and gripping. It outlines body image, developing body image resilience and becoming aware of social media influence on us.
The second half of the book is clearly related to the doctoral work that Lindsay and Lexi did and I personally found it much tougher reading. I think it was difficult for me to read because it challenged so much of what I had been taught about beauty and health.

I LOVE this book and regularly recommend it to my clients that are struggling with externally imposed body ideals. I love understanding around where my beauty ideals come from. I felt empowered to relook which “self-care” practices I choose to maintain. The book helped me develop my vocabulary around body image and beauty ideals.
If I have one criticism, it is that the first and second halves of the book do match each other.

I hope that a second edition is released with the second half being easier to read and access so that my younger clients will manage the book.

Target audience:
The book speaks to an audience that identifies as female. It is listed as suitable for 12 years and up but it would be tough reading for a younger teenager, I would recommend it for young adults and onwards.

I give it 4 stars, I love it and recommend it but it needs a bit of work.

Check out the book’s website:

Their instagram account @Beauty_redefined on instagram has some great content!


Reviewed by Nathalie Mat


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