Her Body Can – Katie Crenshaw & Ady Meschke

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This picture book features a little girl with a normal body doing marvellous things like dancing, playing sports, performing on stage and posing for photos with friends.  It ends with the message that what other bodies can do, your body can do to.

The book encourages little girls to enjoy all of the above activities independent of their body size. The little girl has a round tummy that occasionally pokes out of her top or might have a roll and there is no shame or suggestion that she be limited by her body shape or size. The way clothing choice is described is for an activity, the weather or personal preference, not what society tells us we should wear.

The first time I read this line in the book: “worth is not measured by the shape of our thighs.”, I realised that I am reading these books to my inner child as much as I am reading to my daughter and what’s incredible is that she already knows these things. I am the one that has to unlearn the damaging, fatphobic lessons of my youth.

This book is the reason I started informed appetite. It made a profound impact and made me realise that I can shape the media messages my daughter receives. The books we read to our children act as a conversation starter, they help us as parents introduce important topics in a child-friendly way.

Target audience:
The book is targeted at girls between the age of 4 and 7.

I give it 5 stars. I love this book!

The authors have just launched a boys version of the book called “His body can” and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.

Check out the book’s website: https://www.bodycanbooks.com/

Their Instagram account @bodycanbooks has some pages of the books and inspiring content.


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