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This is not a story book, there is no plot or main character, the book’s genius is the busy pages that spark conversation about all the diversity of the human race. Each page is crammed full of bodies with many different shapes, sizes, abilities, devices and more. Each page ends with the line “Bodies are cool!” The last page of the book has people all wearing white T-shirts with a heart and the line “I love my body!” in it. The take home message is that all bodies are good bodies and bodies are cool.

I have to admit upfront that I have real appreciation for the work of Tyler Feder. I feel like she went above and beyond to represent diversity in this book. The book is a wonderful conversation starter. Things that you’ll see and might get asked about in this book: body hair, scars, different body shapes, artificial limbs, colostomy bags, insulin pumps, services dogs and more. If my daughter isn’t very tired, she will ask question after question. As the parent, I can decide on the narrative I want my children to understand, and I appreciate that the book has the flexibility to let me do that. We can talk about all bodies in a neutral and accepting manner because “bodies are cool!”.

I have a voice recording of my daughter singing “I love my body, I love my body” as she walks down to her bedroom ready for her night time story. We both love the book and the many conversations it has sparked.

Target audience:
The book is targeted at children between the ages of 3 to 5 years.

I give it 5 stars. It is a wonderful book! In my daydreams, Tyler Feder will illustrate my own book with a story like this 😀

Check out the Author’s website: Not only does it have information on other books but it includes the link to her etsy shop which sells digital art!

Her Instagram account @TylerFeder is where you will find notification of her one-minute portraits. I have not managed to get one yet…but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for my opportunity.


Reviewed by Nathalie Mat


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