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This story talks of the longing of adoptive parents for a child and how the presence of this/these children makes their lives better. It talks of acceptant during good and difficult times and unconditional love.

I was moved to tears the first time I read this book. The topic of adoption is managed in an honest, caring way. The pictures in the book display many of the family configurations we see in South Africa, across cultures, sexual orientation and parent numbers. The illustrations convey a wide range of emotions beautifully and are easy to follow along.

Jaco Jacobs wrote the book especially for an organization that, amongst other things, facilitates adoptions. The author’s proceeds of the sale of these books goes towards the non-profit, non-nongovernmental called Engo, see their site for more information: The last page of the book gives tips for adoptive parents which includes telling the life story of the adopted child to the child and family members soon after their arrival. This book is a beautiful tool to explain that every family and family member is special.

Target audience:
There is no recommended age range for this book, but I would image children up to 6 will enjoy it. The messages are comforting for children of any age and are the types of messages that parents will repeat to their children throughout their lives.

I give it 5 stars.

I love the images and the messages of the book. I do not have adopted children and I must admit that this book aligns with my feeling that I would tell my children their life story if I adopted. I acknowledge that this may not be the choice in different families.

Reviewed by Nathalie Mat


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