Yes! No! A first conversation about consent – Megan Madison



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This board book delicately and gently the idea of consent. Yes! No! explains that when we say yes, consent is given but when we do not say yes, consent is not given. No can be said or shown or grown ups can even help us say no. The book also includes a section on the names of our body parts with the correct biological wording used.

This is a such a useful book. I do not remember having a conversation with my parents about consent and it’s only during my adulthood that consent has become so publicly discussed. There are some topics that should be introduced to children early for their protection and this is one of them.

This book is a wonderful tool to start conversations with children around their body autonomy. I feel like it is an excellent starting point. There is one theme that I feel is missing in the book and that is personal space and invading that space without permission. This can be woven into the discussion though if you talk through what people are doing in the pictures.

Target audience:
The book is targeted at children between the ages of 3 to 5 years.

I give it 4 stars. It’s serious subject matter which means my children are less likely to pick it out at bedtime but I have found it really helpful explaining why we’re putting on helmets or doing something else that my children want to resist. Because we have introduced the concept of consent we can congratulate our children when they ask for consent before they do something.

Sidenote and parenting tip: I may be a dietitian, but I try my best not to comment on people’s bodies. Why? Because I do not want to reduce a person to nothing more than a body. Children may want to comment about bodies, you can teach your child to first ask if they can make a comment about a person’s hair/body/size to limit the likelihood of causing offense. If someone is self-conscious about their hair/injury/body, they can decline talking about that part of themselves and limit unwanted attention or comments.

Reviewed by Nathalie Mat


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